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Hep C kills but Johnny killed Hep C instead

“The most unique healing journey found anywhere on the internet! – No one thought he would stop using cocaine – No one thought he would survive Hepatitis A, B & C.” Johnny’s Brother, Sisters and family friends.

The doctors said he would die in 8 months and a liver transplant was his only hope to live. He walked away and did his own treatment and today is the only TRUE Addiction & Hepatitis A, B and C Recovery Pioneer with no antibodies or viral load since 1994.

Consider these facts:

300 million people suffer from Hepatitis.

Over 14 million people are Cocaine Addicts.

190 Million are suffering or dying from Hepatitis C.

More than 6 million in the U.S. have Hepatitis C.

Half of all drug related emergency room visits involves Cocaine.

One of 12 people in a church have Hepatitis C, half of them don’t know they have it!

In 1992, Johnny Delirious’ liver was so ravished by Hepatitis A, B and C that the Doctors gave him only 8 months to live and pleaded with him to get a liver transplant and interferon in order to survive. When Johnny refused and did his own healing the doctors and his family said he was “delirious.” Everyone said he was going to die!

The facts speak for themselves …

Johnny Delirious unquestionably is the only TRUE Addiction & Hepatitis A, B and C Recovery Pioneer free of cocaine and all mood altering substances since 1991 and no viral load or antibodies for anykind of hepatitis since 1994.

His 1st book; Hepatitis C, CURED is endorsed by Medical Doctors and recovered hepatitis sufferers alike; it gives his complete recovery journey and serves as a quick reference guide and blueprint for anyone who is serious about having a healthy liver.

No hype, no neuro-linguistics – just facts.

His therapeutic healing; The Delirious Recovery Program gives the exact step by step protocol that took Johnny from 5.8 million HCV viral load to “non detectable” in less than 4 months. Johnny reveals his recovery secrets, new discoveries and in depth details with highlighted video footage.

No hype, no neuro-linguistics – just facts.

Upcoming Books:

Cocaine Addiction CURED will be released in 2012

His radio show, The Delirious CURE, broadcasts healing and recovery tips from headlining experts. It also reviews how they have helped their loved ones survive and thrive. Johnny knows that with everyone who is sick with Hepatitis, Cancer, Addiction, AIDS or any other life threatening condition, that there are at least 3 to 4 people who are caring for their suffering loved ones and many times they are at wits end wondering what to do to help their sick loved ones and cope themselves. The Delirious CURE provides the solutions for the professional as well as for the stay at home caregiver to not only help their loved ones survive, but to have the knowledge and tools to live their own lives more fully..

PRESS RELEASE: Hepatitus C CURED Now a Bestseller

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An organization to teach youth to avoid the insidious hypnotism of cocaine and drugs.

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