Meeting Daniel Craig

Friday night November 9, 2012 I was at the open of Skyfall. I told Daniel Craig aka James Bond 007 that this was the best Bond movie EVER!

If you get a chance; go see it you will not be disappointed! Daniel is a gentlemen and great guy, we had wonderful conversations all evening. I will never forget how he was very interested in the things I do and kept probing about my work with good liver health.

Problems with Addiction and Hepatitis are not in short supply in Hollywood. Daniel told me he has gone vegan. And we both agreed that is best.

So I told him my mantra: “Good liver health is a Dedication, its a Commitment into a new Resurgence of the Hippocratic Oath that everyone should take; Do thy body no harm, food is thy medicine.” He took my card and we parted good friends.

Go see Skyfall.