About This Website

In high school in 1969, I contracted Hepatitis A & B and went on my first Hepatitis diet that consisted of eating mostly water melon every meal. Hepatitis A went away rapidly, but my Hepatitis B treatment took several months; more water melon and more rest. In 1981, I got Hepatitis again and they called it a non A non B Hepatitis. The yellow in my face and eyes went away after a few weeks.

But in 1992, my Hepatitis C test revealed over 12 million viral load and 96% scar tissue. The medical staff advised me to get a liver transplant immediately or else I would die. I refused and they further diagnosed me as being “delirious.” I was on my own and immediately got on my Hepatitis C Diet and had to find a new treatment for hep c to recover.

For 2 years, I had the Hepatitis C symptoms and I struggled to find a cure. Soon by trail and much error I found my own NEW treatment for hep c and I experienced the ultimate hepatitis victory; no anti bodies and no scar tissue. I reveal my total recovery secrets from Hepatitis A, B and C in my biography Hepatitis C, CURED and the Delirious Recovery Program and the Cirrhosis Recovery Program.

My goal is help the people in the world achieve healthy livers.