Uranium; Are They Poisoning Us?

Uranium; Are They Poisoning Us?

By Johnny Delirious

In one of his last televised events President, Dwight D. Eisenhower was on the air warning us about the increasing monopoly of the Industrial Military Complex. He cautioned the American people that it could gain too much influence in our country and control our government. On YouTube you can easily find his speech. Basically, when the war was over, the factories that were once making jeeps, tanks, airplanes, chemicals and explosives for weapons, now had to be converted for civilian commerce. This was the late 1940s and the factories had a surplus stock of chemicals, equipment and materials. There was a plethora of hardware, spare parts and of course petroleum and nuclear waste. For example, there were containers full of different raw metal spirals destined to become piston rings for motors and later after the war they were no longer needed. They took what was left of the spirals and sold them as toys. Do you remember the “Slinky?”

Everyone was back home now and the nuclear industry took off. This of course helped make the Cold War a reality. The talk of the town was, “man harnessed the power of the Sun to create unlimited energy!” So electric generators, submarines and aircraft carriers were run by nuclear power. You name it, in that day, every modern answer in the early 1950s seemed to be nuclear. Even nuclear medicine!

We won the war, the soldiers were proud and America was great. There was a new war that took place and it turned out to be ideological. It was between religion and science. The experts said science and technology brought America to victory but the ministers said it was our prayers that brought peace to the world. This soft conflict of technology vs. religion or science vs. faith was center stage in the back of the American mind set. Both camps were pumping their theme. Scientists are taught to be atheists and the priests were busy raising church attendance. The industrial military complex leaders with their science showed promise because they could create the power of the Sun right here on Earth and took over industry and provided the jobs. Because they believed they could conquer nature, this made many of them think they were greater than any God talked about in a church or religion. Some of those industry leaders began to think that science was the answer for all life and man. This premise was reinforced with a push of a button when they moved mountains by splitting the atom. They even had jet aircraft that went faster than the speed of sound. The leaders became arrogant mad men thinking they were superior to the forces of nature. The burden of arrogance is stupidity and that is so obvious to see when looking back at their behavior during the late 1940s and early 1950s. See below when they told their V.I.P.s –  “it is better than cinema, bring your wives, you can have front row seats to view the bomb.”

Morality was pushed quietly into the background. Science was king. For entrainment of the masses they got everyone pumped up about the bomb and the media would spin it the right way. They said: “nuclear is good, see for yourself how we split the atom and you can be the reporter to get the exclusive on the A bomb blast!” In those days many people picked up radiation at the test sites and the radioactive dust spread in the surrounding areas. See below. Would you want to be one of the reporters or spectators to witness a nuclear detonation next to ground zero?

Are you worried yet?  Just ponder this. Much of the waste from the nuclear industry is extremely hazardous to human health. It can not be destroyed and it is dangerous and radioactive for billions of years. It is difficult to safely store and that became very expensive. They may not have known all these wastes from the nuclear industry and explosions were so dangerous at that time. In 1940s and early 1950s they thought the main precaution you took while present to view a nuclear detonation near ground zero was a pair of welding goggles. Today, we know explosions of this type are much more dangerous and should never be done. Unfortunately, the waste from these bombs, mines and factories is still around.

So the military production of war machines was transformed to make commercial products for civil use. They had huge stock piles of toxic nitrate waste from conventional bomb manufacturing. They also had tar and sludge left from the petroleum industry. From aluminum, tin and other metal production they had toxic stock piles of hazardous sodium fluoride and the like. And of course they had radioactive waste from mining Uranium and its production for the bomb, industry and reactors.

Now that the war is over, the only way to win in commerce is to keep the profits high. The industry leaders ordered the scientists to find uses for all of these toxic chemicals, because the storage costs were killing profits. They also ordered the Public Relations departments to convince society that man and science will provide all the answers with new innovations and wizard gadgetry. This was the “Opulent 50s” and these companies were the back bone of America. If you owned stock in any of these companies, your positions were known as “Blue Chip” and you had a two car garage and all your children went to college.

So the spin began! “We are going to feed the world!” With the nitrate waste they decided to put it on crops as fertilizer. They knew the plants would grow faster with nitrogen. This made a huge surge with more food production and agriculture boomed.

The brag fest continued; “With the miracles of medicine, Americans will live longer than anyone on Earth.” So the petroleum sludge was converted with further chemical manufacturing and they found that certain compounds would raise and lower heart rates in lab rats. Other compounds would stimulate hormones and other chemical derivatives would lower fat and sugar counts in the body. Animal testing of chemicals made it easy to see what compounds would change body functions and this is how modern pharmaceutical drugs were born.

Unfortunately aggressive marketing can be deceptive. There was no bigger lie than what they came up with for the solution of cavities in the teeth. The truth of the matter is; to lower cavities you should halt all the junk candy production. That alone would bring cavities down. However, artificial flavors and sweetener products used to make cheap candy were the result of the laboratory conversion of chemical and agricultural wastes. So in equal proportion, cavities and candy production increased. At the same time they had to have a plan to get rid of the toxic sodium fluoride a substance that should only be handled with extreme care wearing thick rubber gloves and a white coverall helmeted suit. So with the fluoride they convinced the dentists and the public that it prevents cavities. All we have to do is add it to the nation’s water supply to keep our citizens free of cavities. Each county in America paid for it with tax dollar and handled the toxic waste themselves. The chemical companies could now issue quarterly dividends.

With more profits from the wastes, the deceptions got even deeper when they would spin and sell the public on the “miracle” of atomic energy. They denied and kept quiet about the dangers of all the waste from the atomic weapons and energy production. Mining and handling of raw Uranium is dangerous enough but then once its enriched and used as fuel, the Depleted Uranium (DU) is waste, just as dangerous to your health as the fuel for the reactor.

The spin was shrewd in presentations to the Big Military Brass and the Neo-Conservative audience. At the weapon shows they crowed: “now ONE of your regular soldiers with a rifle can destroy a tank! we have DU bullets!” Yes, the projectiles are so hard they will go through tank armor like a hot knife through butter. Back in the boardroom the directors told the CEOs that the munitions company will pay for the DU and haul it off. They said; “we don’t have to pay for those disposal costs anymore, our customers will just come over to the factory and pick the DU up.”

Are you worried now? You should be because that is essentially what happened after the war. All of the waste chemicals that were put to use and make a profit are not healthy and they are not good for the environment. Both the fluoride compounds and DU are toxic waste products. Fluoride is now in our water supply in all 50 states of America. Today, the DU dust has been spread all over the environment in nuclear testing at home and the wars we fight in the Mideast. Our soldiers come home ill and delusional. This is the sick irony of the American Industrial Military Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. Frankly, I don’t want to risk my food supply or my health on the decisions of experts in the chemical weapons field. For illustration purposes lets look at how toxins like Uranium is cycled through our environment. This is a simplistic version but its still valid nevertheless.

Uranium toxicity is more common, than you may think. Just mines from the Earth here are the natural occurring isotopes like 234, 235 and 238.  We also want to see the table below that shows the lifespan of their toxic levels.

The natural occurring Uranium isotopes like 234, 235 and 238 in the Earth’s Crust are the ones usually found in food grown near an area where it was mined. There is also the DU which is a waste by product of the spent Uranium from a detonated bomb or spent fuel from a reactor. After this transformation it is then discarded and considered waste or DU. The toxic level of dust left after impact of the DU bullets or from a detonation will be around for about 4.5 billion years or the approximate age of the Earth.

Even though all forms of Uranium are dangerous with exposure; the DU is more lethal. It is linked to DNA damage, cancer, heart problems, birth defects with maladies so diverse and numerous depending on the person that they even have a name to summarize it. Just ask any military veteran of Afghanistan or Iraq about their health problems and they simply refer to it as Gulf War Syndrome. Uncomfortable conditions and symptoms are so varied that suicide is a viable option for many Vets. We loose more solders to suicide than the number of solders killed in battle. I recently asked a Vet from the Iraqi war if Uranium is involved with his illness and he said; “you bet, its in all of us.”  Its all so hard to believe we are loosing so many of our soldiers this way; but just go to iraqibodycount.org and see for yourself

Unfortunately this is not the only Uranium toxicity happening to Americans or the world. The American Southwest has nuclear dust from bomb testing in the late 1940s and early 1950s and many citizens still pick it up. Now with disasters like Fukushima we are exposed to Uranium and other radiation health risks more than ever before; especially if you live on the west coast of the U.S. The disaster in Fukushima, Japan is unimaginable. The media will not speak much about it because this was one of the first reactors that the mega blue chip company GE built. There were flaws in the design and there has been a breech, they can not contain the leak. As of this writing President Trump is meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Abe taking a long weekend playing golf. I am sure the Fukushima conversation has come up where Abe wants to get GE or someone to help fix the situation. After all, the 2020 Olympics will be in Tokyo. Unfortunately at this present rate the leakage of radioactivity will be worse than Chernobyl, Ukraine and it is going directly into the Pacific Ocean. This is a dire situation. In my work I see an increasing rise in Uranium exposure and the related health problems.

Recently, a client of mine who lives in Arizona (we will call him Ted); was plagued with health problems. All his life since finishing high school, he was sick with a different diseases. He had many or so they said; none of which actually turned out to be the real problem. By the time he was an adult; he was considered disabled and it was difficult for him to work. He lived in different parts of Arizona growing up. But his diagnosis by all the doctors never resolved his problems.  After a few years of no recovery with too many problems and discomfort, he would go to another doctor. Then, it started again; all the rounds of blood testing, urine analysis, MRI etc., but they still could not identify a bug or find the specific location of a malady; in other words they could not find an enemy and a true red flag of a disease. Once again they concluded that he had something else that was not on his growing list of past disease symptoms.

The list of diseases doctors in his past postulated he had was now getting quite extensive. Dozens of different illnesses like Epstein Bar, Lyme Disease, M.S, Mono, allergies, seasonal stress disorder and on and on it went. His symptoms would change and vary quite a bit, depending on the temperature or the season. Sometimes he had a rash and other times he was nervous and not thinking straight. Most of the time he was so uncomfortable that he could not get regular sleep. Everything would bother him, the rain, the cold, the wind etc. Being in Arizona where it is very dry; his nose would bleed. In his house, he had humidifiers, air filters, water distillers, ozone machines, juicers, nut butter makers and just about every supplement and gadget on the health market. Now he is in his fifties and basically living a life inside a bubble. With my persuasion, he gave me some of his hair and decided to get a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA). I told Ted that the hair does not lie and we will get answers. Now hold that thought and let me tell you quickly about another similar case.

This client was in Florida and worked in a health food store, (we will call him Brian). His job was to stock all the herbs, grains and nuts in the dry bulk bins. He was an organic vegan and his family called him a health food nut. Being in the store everyday, he was able to get all the foods that he wanted and he was eating all the varieties of dried fruit, nuts, pumpkin seeds, trail mix etc. Being in his late twenties he was healthy and young enough to keep working even if he missed a meal. But, after six or seven months he started feeling run down and tired in the afternoons. He said he had no energy, so during his lunch breaks he would go outside and meditate under a tree behind the back parking lot. This seemed to give him a break and he was able to finish his day of work. Other days his coworkers thought he acted a little erratic and I thought that too. When I was there he seemed either nervous or tired. Many times he would not make complete thoughts during the conversation. We knew Brian was not using drugs and he started looking much older than his now 30 years of age. Finally, we got some of his hair and did a HTMA.

Remember I said to hold that thought about Ted, the man who lives in a bubble. Well the HTMA from the lab for both of these clients came back and the Uranium levels for were very high. They both asked me if that was bad? I had a sad chuckle and said to Ted; “it is not good at all and no one was correct when they said you had all of those different diseases, your problem is Uranium!” I informed Brian that was his problem too. They were both concerned how they got it in such high levels. I had talked to both of them extensively and gave the details of what I knew from the lab. I believed their source of Uranium was food based. A rule of thumb with high levels of a toxin is what we put in our mouths is what we get in our body. What we have in our body is from what we put in our mouths. It seems so simple, yet most people still can’t make that connection. Toxicity found in our tissues mostly comes from food and water that we ingest. When heavy metals are in the food or water, you get most of it, you just can’t avoid it.

I showed Brian and also talked to Ted about toxicology reports and scientific abstracts about trace heavy metals. They showed significant contamination around Uranium mines in India and the nuclear testing as well as mining and reactors in the U.S./Canada. Mining residues were found around the world and in some parts like Turkey. After reviewing the varieties of fruits, vegetable harvested in these areas, I found some astonishing insights. Figs and apricots were big exports from some of these areas. Before the trace metal discovery; the dried fruit Brian ate and stocked was listed as organic since no chemical fertilizers were used. When full organic testing of imported produce began; many imports did not meet the criteria for being organic. Right about the time I was getting Brian’s HTMA it came out from that supplier of the dried figs (that he ate a lot of) were from Turkey and had heavy contamination of Uranium.

Which is worse for your health? The naturally occurring Uranium from the mines and soil or, the DU dust that our Vets experienced in Afghanistan or Iraq? They are both dangerous for the body. Direct exposure to DU like fall out from an atomic detonation or dust from armor piercing bullets is severe and more rapidly hazardous to your health than the naturally occurring Uranium that you could pick up from some foods. The reality is where ever they have had testing of nuclear bombs on the surface of the Earth, you can count on the dust being all around within a 100 or 200 miles of ground zero. Just trace levels of continuous exposure and ingestion from food grown near these testing areas will build up Uranium in the body. From 1945 to 1955 they did not know as much about the dangers of fall out and radioactive dust as they do today.

If you live in Nevada, Southern Colorado, New Mexico or Arizona; there are certain areas near past atomic bomb testing. During the late 1940s and early 1950s the dust from those bombs settled in this four state region of the Southwest. Yes, many of these heavy metals, including Uranium is in the soil and the water table and in the vegetables grown in the area. Either from bombs or mining uranium in different parts of the world, these are the areas one can expect potential exposure. Is everyone in these states going to pick up Uranium. NO, most will not. However in the case of Ted, he lived in many different parts of Arizona and New Mexico, in those more rural areas is where he picked it up. His Uranium levels were high, however his wife and children did not show much Uranium in their HTMA. In their area only trace amounts of Uranium have been found in the food and the water. They did not have high levels and his family had none of the problems that Ted was going through. Once you have it in your body it will build up begin to cause problems.

With Ted having high Uranium levels for a long time makes him sensitive to the local trace amount ingested. This would send him spiraling out into more discomfort. If exposure to intense concentrations of Uranium is for only short periods of time and eliminated, then the kidneys can repair themselves and the body will return to normal. But residual Uranium levels could remain in the body for many months, even years. The long term effects will increase chances of developing cancer. This insidious condition can come from a slow but steady Uranium contamination that you get from food.  Daily eating of these Uranium laced foods will bring Uranium tissue levels up rapidly like it did for Brian.

So, Brian was eating many dried fruits like figs and apricots from Turkey. It turns out they originally had not been tested for heavy metals. After seeing his HTMA with high Uranium, I urged that company to test for heavy metals and the dried apricots and figs from Turkey tested high in Uranium. They found other sources for dried fruit in Turkey that tested negative for Uranium toxicity, but they were from a different region. The company immediately replaced their died figs and apricot stock with organic fruits free of heavy metals. In sum, Ted probably ingested both types of Uranium, the naturally occurring Uranium from the vegetables he was eating and the more lethal type from the air and water that came from dust of the bomb testing in the 1940s and 1950s. Brian on the other hand only ingested Uranium from dried fruit that picked up the forms of Uranium you mine in the Earth.

What can be done? The HTMA will reveal how much of any heavy metals you have including Uranium. It does not distinguish which isotope it is or if it is DU. However the good news is, no matter which form you have, there is a way to assist the body to purge out the heavy metals. By following the diet and supplement program in HTMA provided by the lab, all heavy metals including any isotope of Uranium will be purged out by the balance of the chemistry in the body. It took Ted 11 months and Brian 8 months before their Uranium levels on the test moved out of the hazardous range. Ted took longer because he acquired higher levels over a longer amount of time. In less than a year and verified by the HTMA, both Ted and Brian showed no heavy metals. Their bodies removed all of the Uranium. And, more importantly they felt so much better.

Since we were convinced that Uranium was his problem for more than 20 years, Ted may have some DNA damage because it has been in his tissues for so long. Brian probably does not have much DNA damage because his exposure was for a shorter period only months when you compare that to Ted”s exposure for 2 or 3 decades. Ted still lives in a bubble life in his home, but he follows his diet and supplement schedule of the HTMA and he now goes out in public. The dryness of the air does not bother him, his nose does not bleed. He does not have extreme sensitivities and nausea when he is near gas fumes at the filling station; he pumps his own gas. Nor does he gag when walking by the janitor mopping the floor with chemical cleaners – these things do not make him instantly sick anymore. He can now tolerate the noise of traffic and actually stay out all day and live life just like everyone else. His problems were not Epstein Bar, Lyme Disease, M.S, Mono, allergies, seasonal stress disorder — the cause of all his problems was too much Uranium in his body. Now Ted is free of it and he keeps telling me, “life is good.” Brian is giving lectures at the Health Food Store about heavy metal toxicity in food and what to watch for. The last time we talked he was still overly grateful for the HTMA. He said it saved his life.

Are they poisoning us? YES, in order to make a profit and it has been that way since the industrial revolution began. 

Johnny Delirious, Master Survivor ™  & best selling author has moved audiences on radio, TV and physician’s conferences to see new ways to heal. He is unquestionably the only TRUE Addiction & Hepatitis A, B and C Recovery Pioneer free of mood altering substances (cocaine) since 1991, no viral load or antibodies of hepatitis since 1994 and no cirrhosis since 1995. Nobody in his life including doctors, friends and family thought he would live passed 1992, they all said he was going to die. But, Johnny chose life; not death and learned how to heal his body, mind and spirit by developing new protocols with natural therapies. For over 20 years he has helped many others recover including professionals – doctors, dentists, lawyers who don’t want chemical drugs or surgery recover from the same conditions that everyone said were hopeless. Contact Johnny for a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), get the right diet, supplements plus expert advice with 30 years of experience from Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor Johnny Delirious, Master Survivor ™  jdelirious59111@yahoo.com    cell – 972 825 7912  http://johnnydelirious.com/