The Life Force of Plants Can Heal Us

The Life Force of Plants Can Heal Us

by Johnny Delirious

Our modern world has truly become a mine field of toxic exposure. Even if we don’t eat anything and do fasting, we are still exposed to pollutants in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the plethora of electromagnetic energy all around. None of this toxicity was found over one hundred years ago when my dad was born. Toxicity is here and now. It is impossible to avoid and sometimes we still get too much. I was talking to one health practitioner about how to protect ourselves from all the dangerous chemicals and he told me; “it’s like living in a three-ring circus–water, food, air–you just do your best, you can’t clean up from every act all the time.” The same is true with our bodies and more importantly our livers. They have more than a full time job. The liver has been working overtime, but within it there is hope; it is the key.

A big part of my healing came from getting these toxins and viruses cleaned out of the liver and doing yoga and meditation to keep my mind and body balanced. In the beginning, the cells of my body and liver were so sluggish that no restorative functions could take place. My body (and liver) were so sick they had forgotten their own way to better health. Meditation and contemplation on good liver health and a new life is what I started right away. Yoga got me out of my rut, but juicing fresh vegetables and fruits really helped my spirit and body get the memory of healing back into my body.

These plant-sourced nutrients from the juicing revitalized my immune response inside my liver and inside my bones. Fresh herbs would also jump start my program into a new level of healing and rebuilding my liver. With each, breakthrough of my understanding, it was the plant-based nutrients that took me through to the next level. I realized later that it was really the life force of the plants that lead the way.

It left little doubt in my mind why pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars researching plant-healing properties mostly from the rainforest in hopes to patent a laboratory knock-off chemical drug that would do the same thing as the plants. Isolating and synthesizing just one plant property cannot produce the results of the synergistic whole harnessing the power of the living plant.  The knock-off is a profitable undertaking for sure, but many feel that these drugs just add to our body’s chemical and toxic buildup since they offer just one component out of the hundreds or maybe thousands of natural compounds that exist in the total plant. The end result of these hundreds of compounds in synergy give the plant its healing properties. But to isolate just one of them is not the answer and many times unsafe. But big business keeps on doing that. Then the new compound becomes a drug only available with a doctor’s advice and prescription. So the march in our world to search for that unique natural chemical to own and cure every malady goes forward. This is a multi billion dollar business. Will we ever learn?

The answer to that question is no. We will never escape it. The pharmaceutical industry runs most of the world. The show must go on! Lions, tigers and bears!  Oh my! The three ring drug circus is there for everyone from cradle to the grave. This is life in our world. Now that I am more aware of it, I have learned how to live with good health habits. I stuck to my meditation to find answers and show how to navigate through my life threatening condition. Not just several habits, but many habits that helped me heal. Little did I know that the plants were talking to me and gave me secrets to a better life. Some I will share right here, right now.

By continuing the right habits regularly, like yoga and keeping my body and liver in top performance, my awareness began to open up to a whole new world. This was the blessing of my recovery from hepatitis, addiction and cirrhosis. It was the break through of true healing and those protocols to expand my communication with plants. I learned when and how to use the botanical healing herbs, their use was just part of my recovery, however my awareness about ALL the plants began; the trees, my garden – even the grass was talking to me under my bare feet; it all became a spiritual experience. But to develop this, I first had to get some blockages out of the way. First I had to understand my toxic enemy, what was I dealing with in my everyday world.

With all the additives, pesticides, vaccines, coloring, non-caking agents, flavorings, electromagnetic energy, chemtrails, etc. that our bodies are exposed to, I am convinced that anyone in today’s society in America would benefit from eating foods that are home grown, something that came from plants, directly from the earth and Mother Nature. The more I learned about the energy of the plant and the shaman healings in the Amazon that have taken place where there still is no toxicity, the more I realized that our bodies mostly get sick from non-plant sources–mostly man made products! God made plants and man made chemicals. Yes, there are exceptions like poisonous plants; however, most of the diseases today that are from parasites, bacteria and viruses that have an easier time taking hold in a weak body that is breaking down from continuous exposure to toxins. The toxins set us up and then the bugs take us down. I knew I was on to some real answers. I had to find a new way to help my body get rid of these toxins. Remembering what I learned from my meditation and contemplation with plants, I know that there was an untapped intelligence and wisdom from the plant kingdom that I disparately needed in order to heal. I will share a few examples.

First, I will start with a very simple practice everyone may have heard of but may not understand or practice enough when they can bring the plant healing energy into your life. If you eat beans, soak them in water over night before you cook them. This way they can begin the sprouting process. This starts the plant life force. It also converts much of the starch into other minerals, phyto nutrients and co factors which are much more valuable than just starch. Why? Because its alive! Many times I let my beans soak for 2 days before I cook.them and they digest easier with less embarrassing gas. This way there are so much more nutrition, because the plants actually want to help! By sprouting them and giving them life, you are allowing them to do this. If I can get fresh grain that has not been irradiated, its still alive and I will soak those overnight and that is also very helpful. So the whole philosophy is we are extending the life of the plant into our life and the plant will provide more for us. So when it comes to fruit, its best to eat it live and ripe.

The riper the fruit the more nutritious it is, but it is not always possible to get vine ripened fruit, but you can make it that way if you work with the plant. Most of the time it is picked a little green so it will travel and not spoil before it gets to market. But remember, it is still alive. When it comes to eating fruit like papayas, pineapple and all the melon varieties it is better to eat just what you need and storing the rest in the refrigerator to ripen further. Listen carefully, you are doing the plant and yourself a disservice to cut it all up at once and eat only part of it and storing the pieces in the refrigerator. Now it is dead and lifeless, its healing force goes down dramatically. I have learned to cut only what I need that night from the non vine end first. Always cut the vine end last. I make a flat cut horizontally so I can put the flat non vine end on a plate with the vine end is at the top.  Then I put the plate with the melon or pineapple etc., in the refrigerator. Since the vine end is still intact the melon, pineapple, papaya etc. will continue to get ripe while as it is stored and protected in the refrigerator. Its still alive! I know it because I can feel it. Each day or every other day when I cut a new slice off the non vine end and it is always riper, sweeter and more nutritious, because it is still alive. I can feel the plant’s gratitude for letting it live longer and for allowing it to help me! The plant is grateful and will be helping me all along to get my liver well because I respect its life-force. Now if you understand that; it just gets better — its gratitude is passed on into my body as I eat it!  At the very end of its life, when I am cutting off the vine end, it has more life force, better taste and more healing power because I let it continue to grow as long as possible and in turn it provides with its gratitude toward me a much better healing power and nourishment. Out of all the things I have read from the vast vegetarian literature, I have never found where they mention you should be communicating  thankfulness to the plant. They are alive too and I believe the plants are more superior than the humans. I think many vegetarians have missed the boat! They need to start communicating with plants, not just eating them.

One thing I know for a fact–we need these miraculous plants for healing, but we have to start a dialog with them. They showed me how to heal my liver. The plant kingdom can teach us so much. When I see how much the rainforest is being devastated, I realize more and more how much the plants need us and how much more we need them. So, lets move out of the 3-ring tent and come with me, do your yoga and relax and get into a vibrant life with the plant kingdom. I gave you two examples here of how I become friends with plants to promote my health and in turn they helped me ten fold. Now its time for you to find their secrets in your own way that will help you. Just remember no matter what you hear or what you see out in our world; just get calm and go within, start yoga and contemplate with a plant or a flower you love and become their friend. Let it help you be the star of your own show for the world see. Each of us has our own unique talents. Please don’t let the circus of the world, the toxins, hepatitis, addiction or cirrhosis deprive you of who you really are. The world needs you! You can heal just like I did and get help from the plants. It is time to shine. When you are recovered, the world is a better place! The plants are better friends than humans, let them help you. When you slow down and become the plant’s friend your life will positively and dramatically change. All of the sudden, the world is a better place.

Johnny Delirious, Master Survivor ™  & best selling author has moved audiences on radio, TV and physician’s conferences to see new ways to heal. He is unquestionably the only TRUE Addiction & Hepatitis A, B and C Recovery Pioneer free of mood altering substances (cocaine) since 1991, no viral load or antibodies of hepatitis since 1994 and no cirrhosis since 1995. Nobody in his life including doctors, friends and family thought he would live passed 1992, they all said he was going to die. But, Johnny chose life; not death and learned how to heal his body, mind and spirit by developing new protocols with natural therapies. For over 20 years he has helped many others recover including professionals – doctors, dentists, lawyers who don’t want chemical drugs or surgery recover from the same conditions that everyone said were hopeless. Contact Johnny for a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), get the right diet, supplements plus expert advice with 30 years of experience from Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor Johnny Delirious, Master Survivor ™    cell – 972 825 7912