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Master Survivor ™ Consultant for Sustainable Solutions

Johnny never had a drinking problem or a drug problem but he did have a cocaine problem. In March of 1991, a family intervention took Johnny to a mental hospital, but soon he faced even bigger and more serious challenges. The doctors found he was not crazy, but he was going to die.

A medical examination in 1992 discovered life threatening hepatitis and biopsy revealed over 96% scar tissue. His liver was so ravished by cirrhosis, hepatitis A, B and C and cocaine abuse that the doctors gave him less than 8 months to live and a transplant was his only hope to survive. Johnny chose not to foll ow their treatment protocol and they further diagnosed him as being “delirious.”

Since 1991, he has been free of all mood altering substances. Since 1994, he has been free of all Hepatitis virus without any antibodies. Since 1996, he eliminated all cirrhosis and in 2006 a top hepatologist said; “Johnny, you have a healthy liver of a twenty year old.”

Johnny has worked as a professional in the health industry since 1984 when he managed a CLIA laboratory providing elemental analysis of hair, urine and water to medical doctors who were also supplied with nutritional and supplemental recommendations for their patients based on the analysis.

After his recovery from Hepatitis, he finished his third BA in 1996 from the University of West Florida in Communication Arts with an emphasis on politics and marketing. By 1998, he was head nutritionist at Everman Natural Foods, a 14 thousand member Co – Operative in Northwest Florida, where he facilita ted the Hepatitis Support Group, gave lectures on TV, Radio and in Hospitals, the Pensacola Naval Air Station and Health Fairs on liver wellness.

In 2001, he started the Product Support Department for Garden of Life Inc.(GOL) and helped bring it to a 100 million dollar whole food nutritional supplement company. He edited the owner’s first three books, worked with the company doctors and chemists building the knowledge base of Garden of Life University and advised health care professionals and nutritionists on proper dosage requirements of all GOL Products. During this time, Johnny finished his Master’s Degree in Natural Health.

In 2004, he moved to Dallas, TX and started a national magazine; Millionaire Blueprints Inc., setting up all the funding, printing contracts, subscription fulfillment and authored many of the articles. The magazine was distributed nationwide by TimeWarner Inc. Since the loss of his business partner due to cancer and his son a nd wife due to a tragedy in 2006, Millionaire Blueprints closed in 2008.

While recovering from the tragedy, Johnny authored the Best Selling book “Hepatitis C, CURED” and also launched “The Delirious CURE” an internet based radio show that has been featured on several major networks including Well and Wise Online and VoiceAmerica.

Johnny also provides online healing systems. His first is “The Delirious Recovery Program” which he calls “the plateau braker” showing exactly how he went from 5.8 million HCV viral load to none detected in less than 4 months. His other programs of good liver health address cirrhosis, depression and addiction and are available as online downloads accompanied by video instructional discourse.

In 2012, Johnny releases his most ground breaking biography to date; “Cocaine Addiction CURED” – a no holds barred description of the abyss of addiction, the mechanics of relapse and the rewards of self discovery. In these pages, Johnny brings us his step by step recovery process, the hallmark of his programs and how he achieves complete sobriety from the most treacherous and insidious enemy of all; cocaine in the human mind. Now with Johnny’s companion healing system, “The Cocaine Recovery Program” the world has for the first time ever a field tested road map away from cocaine addiction.

For over 20 years; Johnny Delirious – Master Survivor ™ has been on the cutting edge of sustainable solutions.  He lives in a Monolithic Dome because he found it to be the cleanest and safest structure on the planet. He regularly consults for health practitioners and speaks  at survivalists expos for the Monolithic Institute – a group of construction engineers focused on helping people first as their philosophy, which is reflected in their work ethic, the products they sell and the domes they build.

Working with this company has greatly enhanced his protocols for continued recov ery. Johnny will help everyone attain good liver health and wellness to have the readiness for anything in life.  Youth and professionals are motivated by Johnny who ignites a genesis of hope in the audience. They are convinced that “if Johnny can do it, anyone can do it.” They leave his talks with a can-do attitude of renewal and self reliance.

Hepatitis C What Is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a viral condition that is caused by the hepatitis C virus. This condition leads to liver inflammation. People who share drug needles or engage in unprotected sex with a person who has been infected with the hepatitis C virus are at the greatest risk for developing hepatitis C. Those who share personal items with an infected person may also develop hepatitis C. Furthermore, mothers who are infected with hepatitis C can pass the virus to their babies.

What Are Some of The Symptoms of Hepatitis C?

Many people who are infected with this condition do not show any signs or symptoms. If symptoms are present, then the person is very likely to notice dark urine, abdominal pain, jaundice and vomiting. Fever is another one of the possible hepatitis C symptoms.

How Do Doctors Check for Hepatitis C?

Doctors can perform an EIA assay, which is a test that checks for the hepatitis C antibody. A doctor may also order hepatitis C RNA assays, which measures virus levels. In addition to a hepatitis C test, a patient may also get a liver biopsy done. A liver biopsy can detect the amount of damage that has been done to the liver.

Diet for Hepatitis C

Eating a healthy diet is one of the many things that people can do to reduce their chances of suffering serious complications. The hepatitis C diet is one that is very high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. People should limit their intake of foods that are very high in fat, sugar or sodium. Additionally, people need to make sure that they eat as many fresh foods as possible. Foods that have been processed may possibly have toxins that can harm the liver.