In Memory of Johnny’s Mother

This picture was taken in 1955 when my Mom (Eugenia) and I were at our Family Reunion. Eugenia Annie Mae Rudulph Maxon 1917- 1973 was born on the 9th of June 1917 in Selma, Alabama to Burwell Blount Rudulph and his 2nd wife, Caroline Caffey Rudulph. This was his 7th daughter and the first child of Caroline. Three of his daughters and his 1st wife died of scarlet fever during the epidemic that spread across the country.

Eugenia grew up at Cloverdale, the family place in Lowdnes county, near Hayneville Alabama that had been in the family since 1834. She was sent to De Funiak Springs to Palmer High school, a part of the Chataqua Movement at the time. She graduated from Wheaton College in Chicago in June of 1938 with a degree in British Literature. Her classmate and good friend was to become the famous Billy Graham. She married Robert von Purucker Maxon at the First Baptist Church In Montgomery Alabama on 25 June 1938.

For several years in the early 1970’s she had been battling different cancers. We were together in London in 1973 and while going through the subway turn-style she hit her right side that released toxins in her liver that took her life very shortly within days. I loved my mother very much, but I must say over and over again I am reminded throughout my whole life of the importance of good liver health.